Wednesday, September 23, 2009

work in progress. w.i.p.

I intend to color it and give her servants and someone to be yelling at. This is where she finds out how much its costing her to keep the apartment that she use to live in, that ideally Nona would live in soon. The housing is usually passed through the family and isn't often very nice, but gets to be really expensive because no one lives in it for 10-20 years or more at a time and someone has to keep it from getting crappier. Usually this is another family business, taking care of a building and all the families that have "homes" there. I imagine Nona is at least 4th generation if not 5th in a line of magical people. and I just now decided that the first one was a man that was killed by his daughter...and thus the female line instead of a male one. So maybe more than 5 generations away from the original guy. All living in the crappy apartment at some point in their lives.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!

    and your character sketch....fab-u-lous

  2. Ditto - LOVE IT! I'll say it over and over. You personalize your characters so much it leaves me wanting to know more...

  3. thank you. Hopefully, though you know what will happen, I'll have an actual comic page next time.