Monday, June 29, 2009

Um...I think you should bring the couch home before you sleep on it.

I have some others, but I have to scan them in and I'm lazy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I haven't been sketching and its probably because I have other characters I like more but have nothing to do with this story and I wanted to draw them. so I started a digital sketch and then...the power went out. Then I was on a whirlwind workathon it maybe I'm back. I keep feeling like I need a nap though.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

four of four

{click to see larger image)

Okay so in case anyone was wondering "but Stevie what do you do with the rest of the paper you sketch on?" I sketch on it too but there are lots of serious...things...that don't really need to see the internet. I get upset and just make scribbles. Take tina sitting on the little stool, that was the first time I attempted her hair, it was sticky outy hair, then it was well kept short hair, then it was short hair with a hat and in the end I just "lit her head on fire" because I did not care anymore.

I also X things out much like that random spikey head in the middle there. I don't know and I don't really want to talk about it.

BUT! at one point I imagined up toaster cat. toaster cat (named thomas) is a toaster, and a cat. Mostly cat, but fully capeable of making toast. Little toasty slots in his back are where the toast goes. When he was a kitten you had to use the little toasts, which taste icky. Then he graduated to english muffins and can now easily handle toasting regular sized bread and the occasional bagel. However sometimes toaster cats can make breakfast (or toast time) difficult. What happens when thomas doesn't want to just sit nicely and toast things. You end up chaseing your toast around until its done. If you make him mad he burns your toast, but only if you make him really mad because usually smoke means he gets water dumped on him (no electic toasting, magic toasting, so water to put out fires is fine). Then there is the litter box, cause he can totally "accidentally" get litter all on your toast if you aren't careful. And before all that what if Thomas is not in a toasting mood? even the oracle has a hard time with cats, but she loves him.

I need to draw a baby thomas and little mini toasts

(all of the other appliances are just normal)

three of four I forsee

(click for larger image)

This is a "photo" of Ariel (right) and Tina. Tina is the oracle who previously didn't have a name. I love tina. Tina is probably me if I were, more outgoing/curious, had straight hair, and was thinner. and had way smaller boobs. They are not proportionate to one another, and ariel gets wonky looking legs because I was busy drawing and didn't notice till I was scanning it in.

two of some

(click for larger image)

I was upset with the abilities of my pencil. It was being squeeky on the paper and not very good with the shadeing. so I recovered from my DUH moment and got out my set of gray markers. Tada shading.

it looked better on the other side of the paper, but it didn't scan well.

oh so being all taken care of by her mother's servents and peoples, nona kind of sucks at living on her own. She managed to unpack blankets..and shovel them into a corner. and sleep. off to a good start! yes.

one of some

I don't like this one anymore, but I had fun drawing the outfit. I used non-photo blue pencil to draw and then went over it with marker. Then I made the outline digital. so tada.

this is I guess preliminary for nona's mom. She's some amazing magical person with a pet dragonthing, but I haven't figured out whats up with it all yet.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

christmas in june

Nona is pissed because she is outside in the cold. Libby is in love with the guy, though rationally not in love with him? or something. So she's fine being there because he is. It looks mainly like someone is taking a picture of them in the snow.

took a week off to mope. I want to be done mopeing, so if I'm not its likely going to make me angry. Tomorrow's goal is quick ugly art or messing around with brush and ink.

oh the nameless guy has a whole creature of the night thing going on so the snow makes everything really bright. Plus being in sunglasses all the time is totally cool... yes. maybe.
anyhow, you are born normal human looking childthing and over time your hands/arms kind of grow into monstery furry claw things. It use to be a seperate ...species? that eventually turned into werewolf looking things, ears and snouty thing etc. However because they interbred with people the process of turning into the werewolf stops at various stages. So people have tails or ears and all over face hair with a weird facial structure. so this guy above is actually pretty lucky his face isn't stuck half way between human and animal.

made most of that up just now.

on the fly!

edit: well it seems I made the reasoning up, cause I don't remember getting that from anywhere, but I just saw an icon on livejournal that makes me think the guy came from that. floppy monster hands. sadness. Now I feel like I just bought the coolest t-shirt and then I found out everyone already had it. I think his name is Ken though. or something K. I don't know that it matters much though...I probably won't actually make this into a comic because I am super ultra lazy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

took the weekend off kind of. I sketched at work but not artslam things.

nona before she had to live on her own and after

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh she is so working at a laundry mat. At this one I will also make her have to do like...commercial stuff too. Like a public one out front and then in back a more commercial one I guess.

little anime cutesy sexy la la la...legs. TOTALLY elude me.
I just liked the shoe design, and I figured it would look all cutesy with the swingy feet on a wall and then it wasn't working and smooshpainting and blaaaaah. Thus the top of it doesn't follow the same drawing style as the bottom half, because I kept redrawing the bottom half. But in the right top corner you can see the style of shoe I was trying to go with.

still no name. I might just call her Noname Nonamae Nona. I like that well enough. It kind of fits with the story a bit.

anyhow these were from last night late. I wasn't going to draw because I didn't want to sit at the computer anymore, but then I realized I was laying on my bed next to a pencil and a pad of paper. tada.

So Nona. She will eventually have lots of names having come from an important family. Like Nonama something something SOMETHING. blah de blah de blah.

"um...yeah you don't have to say that every time you introduce yourself."


"Just say 'Hi I'm Nona. What's your name?'"

"Okay... Hello I'm Nona. What's your name?"


"But what if I don't really want to know their name? It seems stupid to ask all the time."

aaand etc.
I obviously have no problem writing dialog.

I think I want Nona to get a job with Libby at the laundry mat. :) Yay! excitement REIGNITED!
I don't know anything about a laundry mat, but I am in love with them. I feel like such a slumming yuppie. I don't know that the novilty will ever wear off though, I've taken a train every other day for over two years now and I still find them just as nifty. Same thing with the L and other things I can't remember right now. OH! container ships. and frankly forklifts are pretty amusing too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

so many posts today

this is the main character. She's not always useless. Thats kind of a lie, though. I guess I should say she's not always a crying lump of useless. She is sometimes a functioning useless. I want the story to be like regular people interacting, but with some weird bits and magics thrown in. Those tunic things are suppose to be black, or a dyed black/faded-ish. Its required attire for magicless "witches" not every one is magic, most people aren't. However at a certain point 15-20ish people who are "witches" (might change this to sorcerers or come up with a name) lose their powers. The powers may or may not return. At this point they are traditionally cast out into the world, though provided a place to live, with not much.

some houses/families have crest like symbols and others do not.

I think I want to call her friend yelling at her Sibil. Sib Sibby ... Or something with an S sound.

bluebird thankyou.

uh why whenever I color like this does it take all freaking day?

I really don't like coloring it takes so LONG. I feel exhausted. Maybe it just needs practice.

from yesterday

Drew this at work, left it down stairs on accident and so it didn't get posted till

she has no name. This is the main character.
I was getting frustrated with my inability to just create correct proportions out of thin air without any reference or thats how the thing on the right came to be. I mock myself while I draw...

Monday, June 1, 2009


I joined artslam on livejournal. I'm wishing a little bit that I hadn't because my friends list over there is just completely over run by everyone posting the first day. I suspect it will slow after time, but its kind of crazy for me, my friends list is usually not so active.

anyhow. I am going character concept/development for this one story I've been building in my head. This isn't even one of the main characters. Its a minor character's secretary. She popped into my head because the main character is taken to see the oracle or whatever word I should use for that. I need to do research. Anyhow they first encounter Miss Ariel. She acts like she hates her job but that's just how she is and the oracle likes her so it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

so many characters don't have names, including the main character. I think one of them is John, John and his strange friend Carl. and then Ariel. 3 of 7(that I know of) characters. I am aiming for 9 total, but that might not be how it turns out.