Sunday, September 6, 2009

radar love

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So I was driving home from work and I heard the song Radar Love by Golden Earring* and thought to myself (at the time I thought he was singing redeye love) how this is like one of my characters. Even though I know its not redeye, and instead radar I still think it fits.

Nicholas is death. So I can only assume he is destined to be with the character that brings life. Only it would be hard to be together? I think of the sun and the mood story and how they can never be in the same sky together even though they love each other or something. So basically they can be together from a distance. And even though nicholas is death its more of like a CEO thing, where he just has to do damage control should any of the reapers and stuff working with the souls have complications. It makes him have to be less like santa, and visit every dying thing everywhere all the time forever. I think originally his mother tried to help him when he was little but he quickly decided whatever system she had set up wasn't going to be effective and instated the current workings of dying and souls. None of which I have figured out yet.

*I'm not this music savvy, but I had to look up the song and...acquire it. So now I know all the details like who sings it etc.


  1. Stevie, I love how your art is alive. They're not just dimensional sketchings but have lives, Cool.

  2. Thank you. Its probably because in my head its all moving and 3D. So really drawings of it will always be less than what I see.

    Having jobs and lives and all the little bits, make them more interesting to draw :)