Tuesday, October 6, 2009

not the comic page

buh okay!

[larger version]

I participated in the cheshire ball and while my cat doesn't have a whole lot to do with halloween I like him anyhow.

"Mooncat belongs to the moon. While he does not glow himself he can leave a dull white yellow glow trail, like a slug, and uses this ability to leave crude words or pictures on people's doors, porches or lawns. He can be found at night munching on berries from garden shrubs. Once Mooncat made the moon sad by not coming home in the morning, and he wears a "tear" around his neck to remember next time...probably. Mooncat is about medium dog sized."

imagine looking out front of your house and this giant cat-thing munching on your shrubbery! Maybe its because I don't associate halloween with scary its more of a family time feeling for me. Though lately with everyone going all over its less actual family time.

some day I'll actually get to make skull things in celebration. But who knows when I'll stop being a lazy poop and do that.


no comic page sorry. But I have been planning out how I want the pages to go and some dialog for it. Then the cheshire thing happened and I did that instead.


  1. Nope, I wouldn't want to find that in my lawn on a dark night. Yikes! Really nice, Stevie. Love the dialogue along with the pic. Can't wait for more!

  2. I love the glow trail....very original...wish I had thought of that

  3. Thanks both of you.

    the glow trail was the first mischievous thing I thought of and the cat kind of grew out of that. I was doodling it over and over on receipt paper from work when it was slow.