Thursday, April 1, 2010


The artist's way blog won't let me post on it anymore, but I know some people watch this blog (which I kind of abandoned, sorry). But I did want to say thank you for the birthday wishes!!!

I have a scanner on the way that should get here tomorrow and I'm super excited to be able to scan things again. Hopefully it will play nice with windows 7 and I can scan to my hearts content.

Been block printing things. I like the carving part more than the printing part though, so my runs have been pretty small. The goal is to get something like an etsy shop or a bigcartel shop running in tandom with a blog/website. But all that requires time and figuring things out so it might be a while still. And I have to get my mom's site up and running before anything. Cause that would be nice!

the weather is fantastic I broke out the "short pants" they are crop pants or whatever, capri? something. They are just clam diggers on me because I'm short, but oh well its not jeans.

off to see that new dragon movie soon :D