Tuesday, February 14, 2012

its nearly 2am - happy valentines day

WHOO! now everyone can make lemon cookies, and also heart shapes if you want to. took me longer than I wanted to think of doing it this way. So thats why its 2am and I'm still up. My mom wakes up in 2 hours. Very tired, but feeling accomplished.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I drew some stuff.

I think...just to have them doing something I will make all of the character sheets with them interacting with their cellphone. Because I know most of them have one, except possibly Saril. Dante has one but he doesn't use it a lot, and when people start talking at him he hands it off to his wife. So basically Saril just has a personal answering service for "their" phone.

this is not Saril. This is Zaro

mildly dissatisfied with Case's pagey thing. The wording seems to suggest he has a lynx, when really he can become a lynx. I guess I just think of alternate forms as tools to be used. Thus the wording.

wordy word words

Have some of Jackie