Wednesday, September 23, 2009

work in progress. w.i.p.

I intend to color it and give her servants and someone to be yelling at. This is where she finds out how much its costing her to keep the apartment that she use to live in, that ideally Nona would live in soon. The housing is usually passed through the family and isn't often very nice, but gets to be really expensive because no one lives in it for 10-20 years or more at a time and someone has to keep it from getting crappier. Usually this is another family business, taking care of a building and all the families that have "homes" there. I imagine Nona is at least 4th generation if not 5th in a line of magical people. and I just now decided that the first one was a man that was killed by his daughter...and thus the female line instead of a male one. So maybe more than 5 generations away from the original guy. All living in the crappy apartment at some point in their lives.

Friday, September 18, 2009

internet radio is cool because I can get stuff from other countries, like dance music stuff. But really do they need to talk over whole songs at a time. Like anyone cares about anything other than that the song is going on and it keeps getting interrupted. I get annoyed when this happens on regular radio too so not even that I can't understand what is being said.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


new one on top repost on bottom. The face isn't right. I can't draw faces because I have a hard time looking at real faces. Which is the problem, cause people that have good cartoonish faces often started drawing regular faces.

making a website takes a long time. I guess I should just focus on getting my portfolio presentable. And handing in my resume to the people in career services at school.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

radar love

full size

So I was driving home from work and I heard the song Radar Love by Golden Earring* and thought to myself (at the time I thought he was singing redeye love) how this is like one of my characters. Even though I know its not redeye, and instead radar I still think it fits.

Nicholas is death. So I can only assume he is destined to be with the character that brings life. Only it would be hard to be together? I think of the sun and the mood story and how they can never be in the same sky together even though they love each other or something. So basically they can be together from a distance. And even though nicholas is death its more of like a CEO thing, where he just has to do damage control should any of the reapers and stuff working with the souls have complications. It makes him have to be less like santa, and visit every dying thing everywhere all the time forever. I think originally his mother tried to help him when he was little but he quickly decided whatever system she had set up wasn't going to be effective and instated the current workings of dying and souls. None of which I have figured out yet.

*I'm not this music savvy, but I had to look up the song and...acquire it. So now I know all the details like who sings it etc.