Thursday, September 10, 2009


new one on top repost on bottom. The face isn't right. I can't draw faces because I have a hard time looking at real faces. Which is the problem, cause people that have good cartoonish faces often started drawing regular faces.

making a website takes a long time. I guess I should just focus on getting my portfolio presentable. And handing in my resume to the people in career services at school.


  1. I love the face! Those eyes..there is a mystery in them...and beauty.

  2. thank you. I really like eyes and so I've drawn them more. I need to look at more real people and draw.

  3. I see a story in those she a fairy who knows things.....there is a knowing in her eyes...I love her brown hair and headdress of blue feathers...I see it that way...from the blue bird of happiness ...See I'm writing all ready...good job maybe write the story then draw or draw then write the story

  4. Stevie, really really nice. I can't believe you say you can't draw faces. There is so much feeling and expression in your drawings. The eyes are beautiful and the richness of the blue playing off the feathery coppers in her hair is really striking. I like when you draw this character. She has similarities to your profile picture and frequently reflects your mood. In this one she looks content. The bottom one is also good and sure looks like some of my old bosses ;). By the way, my hubby and son saw your sketches and say-WOW!

  5. I need to start actually doing the stories these characters are involved in. Its hard because I already know what happens lol.

    Its less I can't draw faces, and more that what I want to happen and what comes out are different things. Often entirely different expressions or features. Plus I have issues with consistantcy. But that can all be worked on like anything else :)

    and Suz I like that other people see stories in the drawings. I'm at least giving them enough personality for others to see things. They could just be flat and lifeless. win for me lol.

  6. I like your faces.

    So it's time to look at peoples faces. You can always study faces in magazines. Not glamor mags but real people pix. Life drawing might give you comfort at looking at someone's face too... imagine staring under the ruse of an artist. They do have portrait groups if you're not interested in the figure also.