Friday, January 27, 2012

New warmers!

Little Owl Warmers on etsy

I spent the morning making things for my lunch, moving clean and dirty dishes around, and then sewing all the hand warmers I started. Now I have no good reason not to post them.

I'm pretty excited about these because they are super cute. I realized I have some dinosaur ones in the works as well.

Now I'm gonna go make myself a pita pizza for lunch and head off to work.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Drew something

working on stuff for a new gallery site. I want to start doing more with my characters so they have sheets and stuff. BUT today I made a picture of what I’m wearing. I normally am a major black and white line sort of person, but I want to get better at doing color things. I want to be doing THINGS in general. So this is pretty quick, yet I also think its cute…

Monday, January 16, 2012

Little whale hand warmers!

Well I cleaned off my desk and did some other things and then suddenly I whipped out the camera and my nifty new full spectrum light I got for christmas AND tada! I finally posted the hand warmers on etsy: hand warmers!

a link to the whole shop is [Here]

I hope to have more up as well as some other patterns, soon.

They are filled with organic short grain rice. microwave 30 seconds and it stays warm for an hour or more!

My test subjects at work are still seeing if they work cold as well, but I don't think it will do as well.

edit: OH! I also updated the name of the shop to be drown rat as well. I suppose many people won't get it, but oh well. That's what it is! TO BAD!

Been drinking the tea from the photos, its soooo tasty!

Minor update.

Wow its really amazing what having my desk cleaned off can do.

Yesterday I went to a bridal expo. No I'm not getting married, apparently you need another person to get married to for that. Many of my friends are or have, though. There was a fashion show. I made these sketches when I was at coffee today however.

I also worked more on a job I've been not doing. I like where its going, but I don't know if its going to turn out like I want. It may require some more artsy fartsy treatments than just throwing a half tone on it. Because Oooo I learned how to create the halftone look! Stupidly excited about that one. Probably never going to get to use it!

I made a goal for myself, because I suspect that even if I don't think they work for me I might be wrong. I just don't get super excited when I meet my goal because, I'm past it at that point seeing something else out there. But if I don't have points to hit along the way I tend not to get anywhere? That is the hypothesis anyhow.