Friday, December 30, 2011

What?! Oh updates!

I really want to say that I've been doing nothing much and being a slacker. I have been doing things and now I feel like I deserve to nap for the rest of the winter.

I don't know if there will ever be a christmas where I don't make something for someone.

This year was mostly hand warmers, and accidentally scarves. I didn't actually give those as gifts, but mostly made them on request. That is a lot of knitting! And I still didn't really get rid of my yarn and/or bought more. I really only want it gone so I can make more things with new yarn.

Lately though I've had the itch to have nothing at all to do with yarn. But it is very easy to work with and doesn't require me to clean. Just to know where all my little sticks and bits are.

I did get to serve coffee to my sister today, something I wanted to do in my room for a while. Furniture will need rearranging and I need to find one of those little hex wrenches for ikea stuff. I got gifted two ikea end tables, and have no way of putting them together! I'm going to see about getting longer legs for one of them so it's at table height instead. It would be a matter of getting the wood and having someone drill holes. I could be especially po-dunk and just hammer blocks on the bottom...

maybe I'll see if the washer is done and if we have a hex wrench...