Friday, September 18, 2009

internet radio is cool because I can get stuff from other countries, like dance music stuff. But really do they need to talk over whole songs at a time. Like anyone cares about anything other than that the song is going on and it keeps getting interrupted. I get annoyed when this happens on regular radio too so not even that I can't understand what is being said.


  1. Oh such beautiful eyes. She looks pensive, delicate...I can't believe you think you can't draw faces. Yours say SO the way thanks for your thoughtful words on my blog re: the eating. Wish I had been half as wise as you at the same age. You've got a good head and heart, Stevie.

  2. I might be smart but it doesn't get me anywhere when I don't actually apply any of it.

    I don't think my faces have gotten better so much as I've become more comfortable drawing them. The nose came out nice though lol.

  3. are you's gorgeous!
    almost sensual

  4. She has almost a Manga quality about her. Love the pale almost transparent skin which makes the eyes pop and the shape of her eyes is unique. Great pose as well, you capture facial expression quite well. Wow!

    Keep going. You seem gifted in this area!