Saturday, August 29, 2009


full size

well this picture seems to work in explorer. I don't know why some of them come up and some don't. Its possible that blogger is being stupid not just explorer.

anyhow. I have been liking limey green colors for a long while now and I want to have a place of my own to live in and basically have a life. So that's what I made.

there will be buttons across the top and in the middleish part information. I need to see about these gallery code or things. I like how it works but I haven't been able to find where people get them or if they just write the code themselves. I don't think they write it its out there somewhere.

In the mean time I need to finish my resume and start turning it into regular businessy jobs. I just need a full time job that isn't as horrible as dealing with mean people all day in retail.


  1. Great balance of color and drawing. With your talent I'm sure you'll find something that will make you happy instead of retail.

  2. Thank you. I keep trying to tell myself that and I hope the lazy won't ruin it.

  3. I ran across this on craigslist. If you enter the id # in the search box it should open the listing. 1357499885

  4. thank you. I'll look into it. I have some other leads in lagrange from a friend too.

    resumes are so hard :(