Wednesday, June 3, 2009

so many posts today

this is the main character. She's not always useless. Thats kind of a lie, though. I guess I should say she's not always a crying lump of useless. She is sometimes a functioning useless. I want the story to be like regular people interacting, but with some weird bits and magics thrown in. Those tunic things are suppose to be black, or a dyed black/faded-ish. Its required attire for magicless "witches" not every one is magic, most people aren't. However at a certain point 15-20ish people who are "witches" (might change this to sorcerers or come up with a name) lose their powers. The powers may or may not return. At this point they are traditionally cast out into the world, though provided a place to live, with not much.

some houses/families have crest like symbols and others do not.

I think I want to call her friend yelling at her Sibil. Sib Sibby ... Or something with an S sound.

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