Thursday, June 18, 2009

four of four

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Okay so in case anyone was wondering "but Stevie what do you do with the rest of the paper you sketch on?" I sketch on it too but there are lots of serious...things...that don't really need to see the internet. I get upset and just make scribbles. Take tina sitting on the little stool, that was the first time I attempted her hair, it was sticky outy hair, then it was well kept short hair, then it was short hair with a hat and in the end I just "lit her head on fire" because I did not care anymore.

I also X things out much like that random spikey head in the middle there. I don't know and I don't really want to talk about it.

BUT! at one point I imagined up toaster cat. toaster cat (named thomas) is a toaster, and a cat. Mostly cat, but fully capeable of making toast. Little toasty slots in his back are where the toast goes. When he was a kitten you had to use the little toasts, which taste icky. Then he graduated to english muffins and can now easily handle toasting regular sized bread and the occasional bagel. However sometimes toaster cats can make breakfast (or toast time) difficult. What happens when thomas doesn't want to just sit nicely and toast things. You end up chaseing your toast around until its done. If you make him mad he burns your toast, but only if you make him really mad because usually smoke means he gets water dumped on him (no electic toasting, magic toasting, so water to put out fires is fine). Then there is the litter box, cause he can totally "accidentally" get litter all on your toast if you aren't careful. And before all that what if Thomas is not in a toasting mood? even the oracle has a hard time with cats, but she loves him.

I need to draw a baby thomas and little mini toasts

(all of the other appliances are just normal)

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  1. It's so great to see all the abilities you have with your drawing and it's good to see you not so afraid of the back grounds.