Tuesday, June 16, 2009

christmas in june

Nona is pissed because she is outside in the cold. Libby is in love with the guy, though rationally not in love with him? or something. So she's fine being there because he is. It looks mainly like someone is taking a picture of them in the snow.

took a week off to mope. I want to be done mopeing, so if I'm not its likely going to make me angry. Tomorrow's goal is quick ugly art or messing around with brush and ink.

oh the nameless guy has a whole creature of the night thing going on so the snow makes everything really bright. Plus being in sunglasses all the time is totally cool... yes. maybe.
anyhow, you are born normal human looking childthing and over time your hands/arms kind of grow into monstery furry claw things. It use to be a seperate ...species? that eventually turned into werewolf looking things, ears and snouty thing etc. However because they interbred with people the process of turning into the werewolf stops at various stages. So people have tails or ears and all over face hair with a weird facial structure. so this guy above is actually pretty lucky his face isn't stuck half way between human and animal.

made most of that up just now.

on the fly!

edit: well it seems I made the reasoning up, cause I don't remember getting that from anywhere, but I just saw an icon on livejournal that makes me think the guy came from that. floppy monster hands. sadness. Now I feel like I just bought the coolest t-shirt and then I found out everyone already had it. I think his name is Ken though. or something K. I don't know that it matters much though...I probably won't actually make this into a comic because I am super ultra lazy.


  1. Start asking where people like you who draw fine the place to work... there's got to be a place or start teaching it yourself in local areas.. I know far fetched idea but can't help it and don't question it cuz I know it comes from the heart. start networking asking question even at your college you went to.

  2. I agree with Laura. You have a talent for working "free hand" and digitally. But in addition you have a wonderful way of bringing your drawings to life with your dialogue. Keep it up!

  3. I'm going to see if I can request jobs that require drawing or something. There have to be places that try to get graphic designers and want them to be able to draw.

    and thankfully dialog isn't something I ever had problems with...its motivation that kicks my butt.