Monday, August 3, 2009

full size

I wonder if may be I just don't want to complete things.

edit2: whatever its something with photobucket now.


  1. I couldn't see this pic but there's nothing wrong with not wanting to complete things just yet. In due time. But it's good that you keep sketching. By the way, you said you were going for "scary" with Nona's mom but I like that look she has. She looks a bit rich and snobby. Someone with high expectations who would make it difficult to please. See didn't I tell you I read alot into your drawings' expressions?

  2. hmm I don't know whats wrong with this image. But that is the idea behind the mom. In I guess, people who use magic lose the ability to do so for a while. Some never get it back, others wait years and then suddenly have magic again. So the story starts with nona who is about to lose her magic, becoming useless and stupid to her mother. wrath of the pompus rich lady, is scary to me. So I guess I did a good job anyhow :)