Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've gone from feeling excited about getting done with school (before it ended) to enjoying not having to do homework, and now I feel like I have no direction and no drive to do anything at all.

the plan is to make myself a mini working vacation where I don't play video games and when I am sitting at my computer I am working on job stuff. Or I am laying around reading books and drinking juice, which makes me feel better emotionally.

if ever anyone needed an example of what not refilling your creative well does, I am a good one. it makes life just feel plain shitty. Like an ichy sweater only your body feels to heavy to scratch or take it off. and you can't come up with any better solutions than just laying there...


  1. First, CONGRATS on graduating! It's an exciting time when it's over but scary because it's like "Now what?". I just got out of that 'not refilling the creative well-plain shitty' feeling. I guess allergies had my head stuffed up for almost two weeks and I could only manage staring out the window for a little at a time. Then Sat we went into some old antique stores and I revived. I like looking at the old stuff and imagining what it was used for or who had it and all these stories and pictures come to mind. Of course I freak out when I see some toys I swear I used to have. Ugghhh, when did my stuff get on the antique list???

    So what's next? Your job stuff is a good start. But take a walk, go to the movies or through a bookstore or anything you enjoy. Just being out there may pop some things into your head. It's ok to have this little mental break after school. Don't get too down on yourself. Your drawing looks sad.

  2. sadly I graduated two months ago and have not really been on metal break like I thought, but more like mental blank. Where I just didn't do or think about ...really doing anything. I just went to work and came home. It wasn't even really nice, it just felt very draining.

    but I'm going into the city today to visit friends and loiter about. should help the general blah feelings.