Thursday, February 5, 2009

where is all the time going?

this is for my mom because she asked for a picture like this. Or she asked me to send her one of the old ones...either way.

also...when did it become February 5th? In two weeks this quarter is over and I start my last quarter.

There is a poster project for one of my classes and I read about this masking thing and yada yada. Its suppose to be with our photos, but I'm sure I can mess around with the photos I have and then use my mini projector thing and put it on paper big enough. It should be pretty cool if it works out.


  1. Wonderful! Did she see it yet?

  2. Just now!!
    Thanks honey two of my favorites.

  3. Thank you

    and no she hadn't but I figured she would come by :)

    Glad you like it.