Monday, March 19, 2012

maybe its just kind of an exercise?

After sort of being settled at my job I found that I no longer came home and felt like crap. Actually compared to how much stress I had in my old position I could probably do my current job for two weeks straight without being at the same level of stress.

I decided to get myself back in the swing of posting things I would start making regular stuff and posting those. Kind of like a very free form assignment.

A while ago I cut a few sheets of white cardstock into quarters and then I drew the above. After that I didn't touch it anymore. Then recently I started going at it again with a inch masking tape border. I like it they're fairly quick and it makes me feel accomplished. I'm finding that is my motivator, feeling like I have actually done something.

So the plan is to make them on my weekends and post one a day during the week. In the past this has been my major issues, but coincidentally at my new job I am doing lots of printing/production style work so my main function right now is to produce stuff and then get it out to the departments so they can put it up for the customers. So I'm sort of putting that mental frame of mind to work on this. We shall see!

I will be cross-posting the images to my tumblr, but words about them will end up here and the tumblr posts will be directed back to here.

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