Monday, January 16, 2012

Minor update.

Wow its really amazing what having my desk cleaned off can do.

Yesterday I went to a bridal expo. No I'm not getting married, apparently you need another person to get married to for that. Many of my friends are or have, though. There was a fashion show. I made these sketches when I was at coffee today however.

I also worked more on a job I've been not doing. I like where its going, but I don't know if its going to turn out like I want. It may require some more artsy fartsy treatments than just throwing a half tone on it. Because Oooo I learned how to create the halftone look! Stupidly excited about that one. Probably never going to get to use it!

I made a goal for myself, because I suspect that even if I don't think they work for me I might be wrong. I just don't get super excited when I meet my goal because, I'm past it at that point seeing something else out there. But if I don't have points to hit along the way I tend not to get anywhere? That is the hypothesis anyhow.

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