Thursday, October 13, 2011

Item sneek peak and some rantiness

I'm starting to think that I should request closing shifts. I get so much done at home in the morning. So far I've used the telephone to deal with doctor stuff, I took most of the pictures for my scarf to go up on etsy. There is not a large market for knit and crochet stuff on there, but I'm really not sure what else I could do with the things I make.

Lots of other things need to be put in the works and I essentially have to make sure I have enough stuff continually lined up and going on so that the times when I dip down and don't want to function so well I can simply coast and take care of myself. Probably everyone doing their own business is laughing at me for making that statement, but I am well aware that all of them have times where they just want to say "fuck off" and sit in a corner and just make shit for themselves only. Lots of things that normally would be important to them, suddenly become whatever things, minimum operating procedure mode is enacted. If I set up in a style that allows me to do that, it won't be all apologetic when I need to detox from people and sit around processing all my latest info. It will happen, there is no use ignoring it, so I have some minor plans for that.

I am really warry of writing things down in a list format. Basically writing gets things out of my head, so if I make a list I now have "completed" all those things and tada never actually do them. Its not in my brain, therefore it is not immediately important. I do have a business notebook now though and use it like a journal to spew business things.

My camera has decided that using the auto flash is just too hard and it refuses. It is technically a pretty old camera, and I should consider getting a new one. I also can't figure out how to get it to to a timed shot otherwise I would have the damn scarf already posted. People seem to love things when someone is wearing them. blarg. I should research stuff like that and paste it into my notebook.

I think the chicken beads I made were a failure, but I might put them up anyhow. I have to see how many categories I get on etsy and how to arrange things. I need a yarn, atc, and clay category at the very least. I might put up a misfit or bin button and put discounted fails in there. No not everyone will think they're failures but its a quality and outcome issue. It is not what I was going for and...well mostly I don't want to have to make any more of them.


  1. 10. You get 10 measly categories. And that actually seems like a lot until you start making them and realize how disjointed everything you make is.

  2. atcs, drawing/painting, yarn, clay, far.

  3. in your creative mind would/could you come up with a title or theme around the many streams of income your looking to make a bit of $ from? I've not done the etsy thing but can you not have a many story with a floating of the daily random acts of creativity going on in your life? I know that you have certain times of year you do certain things...well just a thought. Love the new look in the profile..Looks fun!

  4. Yeah I can, thats what the categories are for basically. Its just hard to brand yourself.