Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Knit purses like a vague something or other.

Okay so um maybe we're going for a post a day? Until I screw up and forget. ha ha.

anyhow I was going to make this into a scarf for a friend who really liked the pattern, but now I think I'm going to be lazy and selfish.

This was taking a LONG time to knit because I don't know much about knitting. I'm starting to understand more but I have no idea how the edges of this became as they mind boggles and then stares blankly. So I would have to follow the pattern every single step of the way. Which sucks for me cause I normally like to watch movies and stuff while I knit. I'm not a zen knitting, I'm a finished product person.

So a while back I had the idea of turning the whole thing into a purse with the outside being the knit and then some funky fabric on the inside. Only then I lost the knitting somewhere and well generally was lazy.

Cleaned the crap out of everything. Now I have too much yarn and I bound off the knitting (improperly for the pattern) and I found a quarter flat of that orange fabric. Everything else in the background is clean laundry that hasn't made it to the magic world of "away" yet.

In other worlds around my room I have rings, and if it weren't knit I would make myself a chainmaille strap for it and be awesome. However the rings would super snag on the knitting all the time even if I closed them really well. So that is out. I may ask my brother for some of the leather from his motorcycle delayed payment. I don't need much of it. Then I might have to figure out rivets or something. I am unsure about where this part is going.

BUT the best thing is I totally got this little wallet thing a while back that also has a leaf pattern! Now I will be awesomely matchy.

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