Sunday, September 11, 2011

I did nothing, nothing at all.

Tada! I even crammed all my crap in it already. That is the second strap I created for it because the first 4 in 1 chain I made looked wrong. I am much more in favor of this style chain. I also now have blisters. Yay losing all my callouses after years of not doing this.

This purse is basically everything I can do craft wise, outside of cut and glue paper. I knitted the outside, crocheted the sides together, sewed the inside part by hand, put a small zipper pocket inside as well as a zipper on the top, and I made the chain strap myself. PLUS it was all out of materials I already had in my room. (I also draw, and attempt watercolors. I don't do windows...or dishes.)

My last purse cost 30 dollars. It was pretty cute, but not really durable. The knitting on this might get seriously crappy, but this purse will not fall apart. So best 30 dollars I never spent.

Did some little doodles, they can be seen over at my tumblr

have to figure out how to get my twitter on the sidebar...I'm sure thats doable...right?

everything was photographed with my ipod. cause my camera batteries are charging. joy.

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