Sunday, July 19, 2009


he wants to be nice and dance.

some new character is forming, and I don't know if its a variance on Jackie or if its something else.


  1. In looking over your drawings I realized that I like your artistic ability but especially how much a simple line drawing says. I can sense a mood in the drawing....Nice. By the way, I love your posts to my blog and I want to say thank you. You are very wise for being so young.

  2. I like line, sadly many people don't find it polished enough. I love a lot of my sketches but when I clean them up they lose life.

    sorry I don't reply often when you say things. I kind of fail at keeping up with everything on the internet.

    and thank you, I'm not wise so much as I retell things that have been told to me. I got a lot of lectures, and needed a lot of pep talks when I was in school. Just passing things on if they can be used :)