Monday, March 16, 2009

two in a row!

I draw what I consider A LOT of self portraits. I read or heard once that people tend to like their faces more than their bodies because that's what we see in the mirror most often, and become use to seeing. In order to become acustomed to your body you would either get a full length mirror or take pictures of yourself.

Instead of pictures I chose to draw myself. I find even this works and I've become much more okay with my body. Which leads to me worrying less over things I can't control (what other people think about me) and allows me more time to think about other useless things, or fawn over any new books I have recently gotten.

new books smell glorious.


  1. Are those "guidelines" per se, or is it just lined noteboook paper?

  2. no its notebook paper. In reality my head is smaller most likely, making me look fatter still.
    and yet I look cute :)

  3. I love all of it and I really like the glasses and hair