Monday, January 7, 2013

adorable guy

this guy had these headphones on, and he looked adorable while he read over something on his laptop. I was across the room and trying to scrawl bits I liked before I was seen, or my meeting started. He was drinking straight out of one of those big thermos things where you normally pour yourself cups of coffee from. Very cleanly dressed, can’t really tell from the scrawl I drew in.

When I do things like this it always feels like I’m “doing it wrong” or that what I make is not valid because I don’t enjoy doing things in the way so many other people seem to. I don’t even know if that actually sums up how I felt doing this. It felt wrong, like I was ruining something by taking the time to draw it instead of just observing. I feel similarly about photos, and rarely ever take them, as people who have been on vacation with me will note.
Lots of sketchy things today apparently. Don't want to go to work tomorrow I feel like I don't have time for this on work days. Need to remember to bring my sketch book places.

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  1. Bring the sketchpad with and don't feel shy about bringing it out!