Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Danbird

So there is this guy I like at work, but I really don't think anything will ever happen. He did provide some awesome character material though. I'm sure it will be a really awkward moment if I ever blurt out "you're a rooster" but oh well, I haven't died of shame yet.

The character though is less like a rooster and more like a cross between a plague doctor and a vulture. 
I say the vulture because when I was painting this (acrylic on watercolor paper) the "skin" came out all red, but I imagine it being like having been burned accept soft. Contradictions abound! I don't know how I feel about the little head doodles he has going on. I much prefer the "spike" style I drew in another picture. [I imagine him setting little fires all over the place and then being contented or gleeful as they slowly encompass everything]

that chain thing, always always draw it on the wrong side without even thinking. I'm not so sure.

So raging hormones aside, that's what I've been up to. Everyone needs to go home and stop looking hot or cute or whatever else it is I'm attracted to. I have things I need to be doing and moping about boys is not one of them! I want to see where I can get with the dragon in the top picture. I like that it has a head similar to a pterosaur


  1. it's great to see you creating some drawings and painting..